{NILMDTS – A privilege, an honour, but so sad that this service is needed}

A sensitive topic….

My love of photography came about from capturing those precious memories of my own 3 beautiful children. I am all to aware that there are far too many babies that do not make it home from the hospital – organisations such as SANDS in the UK are investing time and money in trying to understand why these babies do not come home.

The power of the internet is immense, through online forums I have talked with families that have lost babies, I have met women that have delivered sleeping children and their pain always remains. I am not a medical professional, I am not a scientist, I can not offer counselling, this is not where my skills fall, I can not help these families in the traditional way – instead I will be helping with my photography.

To be invited into someone’s life when their child is born sleeping to capture the only photographs they will ever have is a powerful, moving experience. It is a strong reminder why as a photographer adamantly believe that pictures are both priceless and invaluable. The gift we provide to the family is obvious; the gift we receive transcends words.

I became aware of the organisation Now I lay me down to sleep a few months ago. I thought long and hard about whether I as a photographer would be able to help, if my skills could be put to use, I read about the experience, I talked with other photographers.

A few weeks ago, I took a deep breath and applied – 20 of my best images taken over the last 3 years were submitted to a panel to be reviewed.

2 days ago I heard that I had been accepted.

I am proud, honoured and quite frankly humbled that I am now able to share this badge – at present I am the only affiliated photographer in the whole of French speaking switzerland. I can receive a call at anytime to go and help a family, it could be a maternity shoot before the birth, during the birth itself or in those first few precious days. I promise to those families to do the best I possibly can. I truly hope that in the near future a service such as this is never needed, that more babies get to go home and fewer families suffer such unimaginable pain.






Raja Abbavaram - Hi Zoe,

First of all Congratulations on getting accepted as an affiliate Photographer. It really means a lot to all those families and we all are very proud of you.

Wish you the very best in your future

Raja Abbavaram
Nestle – Offshore

Melanie Clarke - I am so proud of you for doing this. It will bring joy to a very sad time for so many.
Something for them to cherish of their angel babies.
All the best, and well done!

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{Good Luck Jake}

My big boy has a big day ahead of him tomorrow – the first of his AS Level Exams.

The last year has been hard for us all, he had to go and live in the UK to complete his studies – we miss him a lot and look forward to seeing him very soon



Anne/MV - That’s a fab photograph and if it doesn’t bring Jake the Best Questions Ever tomorrow, there’s no justice in the world

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